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How we use this site to stop paedophiles is very simple.

1. Register with Chatnannies simply by following the instructions on the ChatNannies site Registration link.

2. On your personalised homepage you will have the choice to either monitor rooms we suggest, or choose your own.You should go to a chatroom that you feel is appropriate and simply hang around - not interacting - just absorbing the environment, observing, and watching for suspicious behaviour. A full list of 'do and don`t' is available here

3. You should then return to Chatnannies where you 'submit feedback' for the chatroom you just visited. The Chatnannies system calculates and applies a rating to the chat room based on our combined findings.

Should you experience a particularly troubling chatroom or behaviour from a particular user, you can mark the report you make as a 'warning'. This report is automatically bought to one of the Chatnannies administrators attention for urgent review or action, allowing them to check the situation out and as necessary, report the problem to the relevant police authority for further investigation immediately.

This circumstance was found to be rare however. With our vigilance, prevention proves better than the cure.

4. All of this completed information can be found in the 'Statistics' tab, allowing users to make informed decisions about chatrooms for their childrens use.

In addition to this, you can download Livenannie! for your own computer or your school's computers, allowing only the chatrooms that have most recently been deemed safe (and have the highest amount of monitoring performed) to be accessed. This takes away the option from the child to visit chatrooms that are unsafe, giving you utter peace of mind.

In addition to this, we also have our NannieBot which uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence ever built. Nanniebots behave like humans, sound like humans, and report to ChatNannies as if they were human, but with one massive difference - they never sleep. NannieBots self replicate so as you read this there are already thousands of them watching over chatrooms. The only limit is the processing power of the PCs and servers upon which the Nanniebots are running...so with more funding we can have even more NannieBots and make chatrooms even safer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What happens if a paedophile registers on Chatnannies and attempts to fix the data for a particular chatroom, upon which they reside?
A. There are two reasons why this would be ineffective: one, because the this kind of behaviour is in the minority and so just one report or even ten, or a hundred, will not sufficiently falsify the results against all those genuine reports entered. And second, we are automatically alerted to such behaviour.

Q. This will never work! It relies on people spending their own time cruising chatrooms!
A. Sadly, if everyone thought that way then this site wouldn't work! The majority of people we surveyed however committed that spending a few minutes a day policing chatrooms was a small price to pay for children's safety.

Q. How are you going to make chatrooms safe for children?
A. With a combination of human support (you, our ChatNannies) and our Artificial Intelligence (NannieBots), we can do two things; 1. we can paint a picture of the safe and unsafe chatrooms on the internet, thus directing our children only to the safest rooms. 2. We can deter or even catch paedophiles in the act and submit this evidence to the relevant authority for them to act. If we are ever to make chatrooms 100% safe however we either need a LOT of volunteers to be ChatNannies, or we need funding to continue development and deployment of NannieBots, or both.

Q. How do I become a 'SuperNannie'??
A. SuperNannies are those ChatNannies that have proven their commitment by the number of reports they have posted, the amount of chatrooms they have 'Nannied', and the reliability of their reports. We will come to you and offer you the opportunity of becoming a 'SuperNannie' when we feel you are ready. There is no limit to the number of 'SuperNannies' we will require. There are extra responsibilites involved with being a SuperNannie however - it also means that you can no longer submit reports on chatrooms, but it does mean you will be reviewing other ChatNannies' reports for accuracy and reliability. Being a SuperNannie also draws a small salary, in your local currency.

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