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02/04/2004 19:08:00  Deal to translate the site and AI into Portuguese nears completion

Rules/Guidlines for Chatnannies

1. Protect Yourself

Don't give your details out; don't get into a verbal fight, use caution and commonsense.

2. Protect the Children

If you see anything which would make you uncomfortable if your own children were in the chatroom, report it back to us! And if you see someone giving their contact details out - and they are children - then give them a friendly reminder that it might not be the best or safest thing to do! Then report it back to us!

3. Moniter not moderate

For unruly behaviour, swearing and talking about criminal activities etc, it is the place of the chatroom moderator to step in, not ChatNannies. We don't want to get a name for the ChatNannies as 'busy-bodies'!
Beyond this line however is where moderation stops and your monitoring comes in - together with common sense and your evaluation of potential danger.

4. Don't threaten anyone

As hard as it might be not to get involved and threaten/abuse some users, you must refrain from doing so. To do so could jeapordise any hopes of conviction/warnings etc from the appropriate authority. If this happened, you would receive a warning from ChatNannies. If it happened again, we would unfortunately have to ask you to stop helping ChatNannies. We need help, not vigilantes!

5. Keep talking to a minimum

And especially don't talk to someone you suspect of inappropriate behaviour! Our fast-reaction team will resolve the situation where your tip-off provides the catalyst.

Obviously, if you are a regular chatroom user and notice inappropriate conversations when you are ‘chatting’, continue your normal activity, but still notify us ASAP.

Making a report

There are three simple rules to writing the report

1. Try to be detached

2. Be objective

3. Report the facts, not your interpretation or opinion
[include time of day, number of other users, witness usernames, transcript of chat and anything else you think will help]

If you are still having trouble, please contact us here

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