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02/04/2004 19:08:00  Deal to translate the site and AI into Portuguese nears completion

ChatNannies is the work of Jim and Eleanor Wightman who simply want to help make the internet a safer place.

Behind closed doors for many months, the main part of the service (which, ironically is the least visible part) was built using the very latest Microsoft technologies. Jim hopes to leave his office and see the sunlight again soon!

Late October, 2003, the NannieBot was born. The most technologically advanced AI construct ever conceived and built. The NannieBot spawns and controls a large number of virtual internet users, whose behaviour is indistinguishable from humans interacting on the internet. The first AI construct to effortlessly pass the 'Turing Test', after more than 13 hours of conversation the AI was still undiscovered! This enables the construct to communicate with other chatroom users without being uncovered as a 'bot'.

With the data the 'bots' collect they make 'field reports' on the ChatNannies website, which along with those entered by 'human' users, form a picture of which chatrooms are and aren't safe...which users to watch out for...unusual behaviour...anything that might cause problems if gone unnoticed.

This combined with our Chatnannie volunteers of likemindedly concerned parents and friends, gives all users the necessary tools to make the right decisions about which chatrooms their children can use safely.

In addition to this, we include LiveNannie! for download, which controls chatroom/server access from the child's PC.

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