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ChatNannies is a unique site where you can become involved and help to make chat rooms a safer place.

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We know that children in particular enjoy chat rooms, and are going to continue to use them even with strict parental controls. Any responsible parent advises about the use of the internet and chatrooms, but wouldn’t it be good to know there are real people monitoring chatrooms who are looking out for the safety of YOUR CHILD?

We've all heard about the cases in the newspapers and on the TV about how paedophiles, and other unsavoury individuals, are using chat rooms to make contact with children...

...Whilst this is extremely difficult to eradicate, ChatNannies aims to provide feedback on the safety of many of the most popular chat rooms - allowing you to make sound sensible decisions about which your children can use (or use LiveNannie! to control access for you).

This can only be achieved with your help. Register today and become a ChatNannie and together we can identify the good and bad chat rooms, identify and report individuals who are acting suspiciously and reclaim the chat rooms for our children.

Chat Nannies is FREE, and with a little input from you, we can make chat rooms safe again. This problem is growing and will not go away, join us and help us fight this threat. Please click the link on the left to find out more about Chat Nannies, or Register and start making a difference!

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While it is true that perhaps this is not the moment of greatest furor regarding its use, we can not lose sight of thatchat rooms were really advanced platforms in terms of social communication . Not for nothing, hundreds of them have been gathering people from different parts of the world, regardless of their customs, cultures and beliefs, to find others who share their tastes and interests.

With the passage of time and advancement of technology, especially considering the advent of Internet networks much more powerful than those of a few years ago, we found basically that many of these chat rooms have finished evolving in rooms video chat , which means that the ability to write with someone else, has joined the to see him live and direct.

Whereas even in these times is a huge amount of people are still interested in knowing others with their own tastes and interests through the web, it is that we will show below a complete list of which we consider the best rooms videochat with Putlocker  we can access these days , as you try your luck at each.



If you like to be surprised when you meet someone, you have to know that Chatroulette is possibly one of your best options, because here interactions occur completely randomly among users. The interesting thing is that then we can maintain a text communication or via voice messages, so that becomes a chat room really efficient and fast in the conversation ends only when one of the two people off.


Possibly one of the most famous video chat sites that exist in the case of Paltalk we have a very good opportunity to meet people from around the globe, with thematic organizations. It is that this is a site that features neat rooms according to the elements in common, in which all content is in Spanish, and that is perfect for meeting people with which we can start talking about some issues in common , which always facilitates knowledge.


If the two sites mentioned above videochat pointed especially to meet others but not in terms of love or romance, you have to know that if you are one of these users find Zoosk your best ally. It is that in this case it’re talking about a video chat room that aims to create a kind of virtual dating, a site that has absolutely all content that complement the experience.


Tinychat was one of the video chat rooms that once revolutionized this segment, by allowing an almost complete customization of all its contents, even to the point that we believe our own chat rooms. That way, we could get a kind of permanent URL within which offer access to our friends through the major social networks like Facebook or Twitter, so that not only contact with them, but also with close friends and neighbors to our geographical position .



On registration Tokbox is one of the best rooms videochat with that we can find, on the basis that works with multiple accounts of the main systems of logging as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL for older users, allowing generate all kinds of video conferences with those who are part of the group, to meet people who would not have access otherwise can even leave video messages when so want.


Anteúltima of our alternatives rooms videochat we have to mention this time is to Bazoocam , about which I must say that although it has French origin the same, many users are Spanish, and we can even find some sections totally in Castilian. If you have a webcam and want them to see also that you read and hear, you have to know that it is an excellent choice, especially if you want to be entertained while their Flash games.


Surely known to many of our readers who at some point have tried their luck with chat rooms, about Omegle have to say that when it comes to random conversations, is the best options. It stands out because it has also incorporated the classic video system, without losing sight that many of its users are trolls by the popularity of the site, so that should be a little cautious.

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