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02/04/2004 19:08:00  Deal to translate the site and AI into Portuguese nears completion

ChatNannies is a unique site where you can become involved and help to make chat rooms a safer place.

Click here to read about the great reaction ChatNannies is receiving in the press!

We know that children in particular enjoy chat rooms, and are going to continue to use them even with strict parental controls. Any responsible parent advises about the use of the internet and chatrooms, but wouldn’t it be good to know there are real people monitoring chatrooms who are looking out for the safety of YOUR CHILD?

We've all heard about the cases in the newspapers and on the TV about how paedophiles, and other unsavoury individuals, are using chat rooms to make contact with children...

...Whilst this is extremely difficult to eradicate, ChatNannies aims to provide feedback on the safety of many of the most popular chat rooms - allowing you to make sound sensible decisions about which your children can use (or use LiveNannie! to control access for you).

This can only be achieved with your help. Register today and become a ChatNannie and together we can identify the good and bad chat rooms, identify and report individuals who are acting suspiciously and reclaim the chat rooms for our children.

Chat Nannies is FREE, and with a little input from you, we can make chat rooms safe again. This problem is growing and will not go away, join us and help us fight this threat. Please click the link on the left to find out more about Chat Nannies, or Register and start making a difference!

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